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But We’re a Small Firm: Surviving in a Digital Recruiting Environment

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We often field the rebuttal of smaller agencies protesting the need for a leading-edge website because of their size. We are interested in providing a great website, but we are want to improve the success of our clients. These smaller firms should look to the animal kingdom to visualize the importance of presentation when facing larger competitors. We have found that success in the digital recruiting environment is comparable to success in natural ecosystems.


A website should do more than look good. It should make your firm appear larger and more attractive in the competitive digital recruiting environment. From cobras and frilled lizards to puffer fish and elephant seals, animals realize the value of presentation as it relates to survival and propagation. And at the core of this biological principle is the propensity to project that one is larger, more intimidating and more attractive than their peers. Survival of the fittest is a fundamental law of nature. It is equally relevant when it comes to the nature of business. We help our clients compete with apex predators. And we attract great partners by presenting their firms in a way that reflects their market dominance.



Even for many of the most niched recruiters, there always lurks some form of competition that threatens your success. In nature, when an animal is pitted against a larger predator, it relies on its ability to inflate its presence in order to deter the threat. While it may not seem quite so dramatic in the business world, many small firms face the threat of larger agencies who are eager to limit the opportunities for their smaller rivals in the digital recruiting environment. A formidable online persona can undercut the threat of those larger recruiters by challenging their presentation. Appearing larger allows you to compete with the apex predators that hunt in your territory.



From the plumage of peacocks to the antlers of deer, physical attributes play a heavy role in securing a mate. There's another lesson:  immediate survival is pointless if it compromises one's ability to reproduce. So how does this relate to success for your business in the digital recruiting environment? In nature and in business, survival means more than just escaping predators. Survival means growing. In a competitive digital recruiting environment, the ability to attract clients is paramount to growing one’s business.


We know you didn’t come here for a biology lecture, but the lessons gleaned from nature are quite relevant as they relate to recruiting. A small firm doesn't have a smaller need for a dynamic digital presence. In fact, being a small firm may create an even stronger need for a brighter and more attractive website that conveys a larger presence. Your survival could be contingent on your ability to dissuade competitors and attract clients. There are a number of factors on which you rely to accomplish these goals, and there is no reason why your website should be left by the wayside, creating a vulnerability that could cost you placements.

At Recruiters Websites, we know what it takes to create a digital ecosystem that fosters growth and opportunity. Our own experiences in the recruiting industry provides us with the necessary perspective as to what recruiting and staffing agencies need to compete and succeed in an increasingly digital environment.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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