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Why your recruiting business should blog

Why your recruiting business should have a recruiting blog

A lot of our clients say the following when we bring up the blog—we don’t have time, we can’t be consistent with it, or we’re not writers. These are all valid considerations, but collectively or separately they are not good enough reasons to discard this tool for all the potential good it can do for your recruiting firm.  

Here’s why. 

Get eyes on your social. 

Shareable content. Creating a recruiting blog that is housed on your website and shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and beyond is a great way to organically get your firm’s name on the screens of people who make up your potential clients and candidates. Creating relatable content that visitors can enjoy and are compelled to share with the like-minded and those with whom they differ is the optimum opportunity to connect with a multitude of applicable audiences.  


Blogs help make your recruiting firm not only visible to potential clients and candidates but also to the all-powerful algorithm. The more blogs you produce with original and industry-specific content, optimized with long tail keywords, related images and high-quality backlinks, the more visible you will be and the more often you will show up in related searches. 

Blogs aid in internal navigation. 

Every blog you produce should drive your visitors to learn more about you, establishing your credibility and recruiting expertise. By creating logical, internal links within your blogs, you’ll get readers where they need to be and on the path to productive and profitable conversation.  

Communicate new and exciting developments.  

A client can’t ask you about a service if they don’t know you offer it, and the easiest way to get someone excited about something is to show them you’re excited about it, too. It's just common sense. A blog is a great way to create a piece of sharable media that offers visitors information essential to them determining if your services could be valuable to them. It is an opportunity to sell your growing brand. 

Build your contact list.  

Email marketing can be an effective method of building your potential client and candidate base, but many people are reluctant to sign up for fear of spam, security risks and a host of other issues. By giving readers a blog they find informative, helpful and ultimately valuable, you are creating an opportunity to build a relationship and show them that they can really trust your recruiting expertise.  

At Recruiters Websites, we focus on helping our clients build relationships and engage the recruiting space in ways that reap immediate and long-term organic marketing benefits. We encourage you to write blogs because it's an efficient and effective way of establishing and evolving your digital voice. If you need help getting started or keeping on-task, reach out. Our copywriting team excels in creating custom, industry-specific blog articles for recruiting firms.  

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Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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