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They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but when it starts bleeding into forgery, it becomes frustrating. Here at Recruiters Websites, we’ve found ourselves in the uncomfortable position of having to warn present and prospective clients that if someone contacts them using a name close to ours, it may not actually be us.

Within the past two weeks, we’ve been made aware of another company that has taken the liberty of “borrowing” (sarcastic quotes intended) our name, our unique history and even some of our content, and using it to deceive clients.

We’re not interested in naming names–especially when it’s pretty much our name–but we do want to provide a few helpful tips to help you discern between us and imposters. A few of these tips transcend our situation and may also help you spot other less-than-reputable vendors.


Let’s start by telling you who we are:

I’m Adam. Nice to meet you. Now let me introduce you to the great people I work with: to the right of my desk is Hannah, our gifted artist and creative designer; next to her is Vladimir, a top-notch API and backend developer and certified Dungeon Master; on Vladimir’s right is Jeff, our head honcho who uses his recruiting experience and development know-how to lead us forward; then there’s Matt, an insanely talented graphic designer and frontend developer and also our resident coffee pro; next to Matt is Steve, who leverages his own unique recruiting experience to help our clients choose the digital solutions that are right for them today and for their future; and rounding out our team from the center of our office like central command is Emily, a marketing guru who brings an unparalleled understanding of what clients need and what really works.

If you aren’t being contacted by one of us (roll call time: Adam, Hannah, Vladimir, Jeff, Matt, Steve, Emily), start getting suspicious.


Make sure it’s us.

Check that URL. We are Recruiters Websites, and we can be found at RecruitersWebsites.COM. We own a bevy of domain names, but this is the one that should ALWAYS be attached to anything we send your way.

If you think you’re on our website, scroll to the bottom or check our Contact page. We have a Missouri phone number and even a physical address. We want to hear from you, and anyone who doesn’t put a phone number on their site is probably someone you wouldn’t want to work with anyway.


We like to sleep.

And by that, we mean that we aren’t into sending you emails at 2:30 in the morning. We’re real, organic, Midwest U.S.-located folks with business hours that are probably pretty close to your own. We’re always eager to help, and we’ve been known to burn the midnight oil replying to emails from our clients, but we’re never going to make a cold call or other unsolicited contact when the lights go out.


When in doubt, seek us out. You know our names. You’ve got our digits. If something seems fishy, let us know. We don’t like our clients to have to deal with this confusion, but hey, if we’re worth imitating, we must be doing something right.



Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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