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PSSST…! Your digital marketing strategy can’t be to do nothing.

Your digital marketing strategy can’t be to do nothing.

A digital marketing strategy is largely—if not wholly—dependent on the social, political and economic climate you are wanting to explore and in the long run capitalize upon. The year 2020 has been a hectic time for any market. We’ve faced shortages in food distribution and medical supplies. We’ve experienced an immense oil surplus and a public that has largely turned away from mass transit for fear of COVID-19 and is just beginning to return. 

This year has been day-to-day; standstill to rat-race; an erratic dash towards tomorrow. Unfortunately, that has led some companies and organizations to make grave errors. They shut their digital doors and boarded up their digital windows like this was “Hurricane ’Rona,” treating this time like it was a storm they could just weather and emerge from to rebuild. Sure, that might work, if everybody does it. However, those companies proven to be more successful are those that engage the public, the consumer, in some way during a crisis. 

Selling is not always selling. In this and any instance, in order for anyone to use your services, before, during and after any event—expected or unexpected, positive or tragic—you need to be there. You need to be seen. Sometimes the only thing you are promoting is that you as a business are ready and willing to be a part of your consumer’s world, to stand shoulder to shoulder through some uncertainty, show some positivity and alleviate maybe just a small part of the stress they are feeling.

Marketing and a public presence are, bar none, without a singular doubt, absolutely essential to your economic livelihood and your cultural relevance. 

Scavengers Never Sleep

Your competition has been targeting your customers and, no matter how ideal or how dire the economic environment, they will continue to pursue those resources, taking every opportunity to gain from your loss. The use of the latest marketing techniques and technology opens new paths to approach you may not be utilizing if you are relying on traditional marketing methods or have shut down your efforts altogether.  The way we engage as consumers is changing and we must change with it. That starts by bolstering your digital toolbox and by educating yourself on the best way to use those digital devices. 

New Talent wants the Bleeding Edge

When I was a kid, we played with swords. Now, my nieces and nephews are playing with lightsabers. A younger generation of talent wants the next thing, the best thing, that robust, user-friendly marketing tech that allows you to do more cross-platform work, engaging clients and candidates in ways that are educational, entertaining, search-based and marketing-focused. It’s fun, it’s innovative, it allows you to gain maximum exposure in a shorter amount of time, try a new digital marketing strategy in real-time, discern its effectiveness through the latest tracking software and adjust your next piece to match. More responsive digital marketing tech allows for a definite presence and creates more opportunities for present and future revenue generation.

New Customers Crave Convenience 

Whether your focus in recruitment is more client- or candidate-based, your users want a quick, hassle-free and convenient experience. They need to be engaged directly and effectively, communicating what you can offer, what makes you different from that competitor and how you are going to deliver on your declarative statements. Your digital marketing strategy should create content across multiple platforms, building your company or business as an organization with depth, one continuously interested in improving the methods by which you meet your clients’ and candidates’ needs. The market is constantly evolving, and so must you.

While others are waiting, you should be acting, developing a digital marketing strategy meant to provide positivity, hope, information and service to a host of clients and candidates needing all of the aforementioned services. In a market where too many are inactive communicators, your firm has a real opportunity to show just how relevant what you do is to a market that is about to experience an era of competition it hasn’t seen in quite some time. 

Do your best to be prepared.

Recruiter’s Websites can build you a digital marketing strategy focused on attracting those clients and candidates you can best serve, through creative, innovative and adaptive use of our digital marketing expertise.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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