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You’re Different, But Are You Better? Build a Better Recruiter Website


There is no end to the queue of recruiters lining up to tell their clients and candidates how different they are. Here’s the first in a list of stark truths:  saying you’re different is about the most ordinary thing to tell your audience. Day in and day out, clients and candidates are inundated with recruiters assuring them that they are “different.” We’re not here to tell you being different is a bad thing, but we want to know, what is it that makes you different and how does it make you better? Simply saying you are something, whether it be different or better, does not make it so. You have to be able to put your business to task and produce hard evidence as to why you are the best option for clients and/or candidates.

At Recruiters Websites, the question is not only how we can make the web presence of each client different. The question is how we can help you build a better recruiter website.


Does your website make you look better?

If you think the way your website looks doesn't matter, then check the year on your Far Side calendar, friend. We have long crossed the threshold that separated the worlds of marketing and web design. Simply having a website isn’t enough. Nearly every business has a website. The kid selling lemonade on your street corner has a website. You need a website that makes a positive and lasting impression on the minds of visitors. Your name with a block of generic text and a few stock photos from the nineties makes you neither different nor better. If your website looks basic, you’ll be perceived as basic. If your website looks cookie cutter, you’ll be perceived as cookie cutter. A better recruiter website should reflect your level of professionalism and expertise.


Does your website make you sound better?

Message is important and a better recruiter website should help your message reach more clients and candidates. Your website offers an exceptional opportunity to take the old writing adage “Show, Don’t Tell” to the next level; unfortunately, too many recruiters instead fall back on starting their content by saying “We’re different…” before launching into a laundry list of recruitment jargon that makes them sound like every other person with a phone, a computer and a LinkedIn subscription. As ineffective as bland and unoriginal content can be, attempts at making content different for the sake of being different can be just as contrived. Meaningless taglines and hollow slogans with no basis in your focus and industry reflect an organization lacking in substance.


Does your website make YOU better?

This is the big one. The one that matters. If you are truly committed to being better, then have a better recruiter website. Your website is absolutely a marketing tool, but if that’s all it is, then you’re barely scratching the surface of your website’s potential. Depending on the extent and magnitude of your business, there is undoubtedly an integration or web service that could both streamline your operations and enhance the user experience for your clients and candidates. A better recruiter website isn’t just one that looks and sounds better. It’s one that makes you better.


It’s time to hold a mirror up to your firm and look at it from a fresh, objective angle. Is different the comparative measure that best defines your company and its services? We think not. We want your clients and candidates to know what we believe and you already know. You’re not just different, you’re better. Our job is take your expertise, your perspective, your knowledge and translate it into a web presence that truly reflects what makes you the best choice for your audience. We not only assist you in creating an online ecosystem that looks and sounds great, but we also help you establish a digital network that enhances your business. In short, we build a better recruiter website.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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