Custom Means Custom: The Website of Your Dreams

You invested time, money and energy into making your business into something to be proud of. Make sure a custom website elevates it higher.

One of the first things, often the very first thing, a potential customer will do when they learn about your business is to search for it online. Where provided that you’ve done a good job with SEO, they’ll find your website.  There’s no second chance at a good first impression, so if the first thing…

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Brand Recognition and Supervillains

Supervillians may have a bad name, but at least they are recognized. Get your business noticed with a good marketing plan in place | Recruiters Websites

It’s important to be recognized. Getting your name out there is not a quick and easy endeavor, but it is worthwhile, and a good way to demonstrate that is to consider supervillains. I run a Dungeons and Dragons game every week, so I have some experience with what makes an impactful bad guy. It tends…

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Staying DRY In a Modern World

In coding, there is a principle known as DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself. Essentially, it is considered bad practice to write code that does the same thing more than once. When you need to do the exact same thing twice or more, write the code one time, then execute it repeatedly (through something like a…

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How to Market Like a Master

Market Like a Master with Recruiters Websites Storytelling and Dungeons and Dragons

Every Wednesday, I corral and try to get the attention of five excitable, boisterous and uncouth millennials for four to five hours. Contrary to your first thought, I don’t do this because I hate myself; it’s actually for a game. Dungeons and Dragons, usually abbreviated to D&D, is a group role-playing game in which everyone…

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