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Betting on SEO: How to Win at Recruiting Website SEO


Here’s a bit of honesty you’re not likely to find from a digital marketing agency:  SEO is a game of chance. This is not to say there aren’t best practices to enhance your SEO efforts, because there absolutely are. In the end, Google is the focus of most SEO work. Google is the house, and the house always wins. This may sound like a good reason to abandon any SEO work, but this is actually the perfect reason to double down on your recruiting website SEO. The key is approaching the work the right way. Understanding the game and making the right moves can pay massive dividends, but approaching SEO with a bucket full of coins and a pocket full of dreams is a recipe for disappointment.


Types of Gamblers

Different classifications exist for gamblers, and oddly enough, many of those terms apply to the types of people engaging in SEO. There are compulsive gamblers, who, in the world of recruiting website SEO would be the people who are constantly changing and manipulating their websites, sacrificing the most valuable currency in SEO:  patience. There are social gamblers. These are the individuals who do recruiting website SEO because they feel they are supposed to do it. They don’t really make any investments; therefore, they don’t really see any rewards. Let’s not forget high rollers.

The large and ubiquitous companies are the high rollers in the world of SEO. They can afford to spend, and lose, egregious amounts of money on SEO efforts. Their brands are so potent they usually come out no worse for the wear. Finally, there are the professional gamblers. Professional gamblers choose games where they are able to control both the amount of money and time spent gambling. They patiently wait for the best bet and then try to win as much as they can. Professional gamblers know that even in games of chance, there are strategies that can create a competitive edge.


Don’t Cheat the System

At Recruiters Websites, we fancy ourselves professional gamblers in the world of recruiting website SEO. We don’t make this claim lightly. We are strict in our methodology, and we have created a great deal of success for our clients. One thing we do not engage in is practices designed or perpetuated to “cheat” or “hack” SEO. A favorite book around here is Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. Mezrich recounts the true story of six MIT students who were members of the MIT Blackjack team, took Vegas for millions and were eventually shuttered by card counting deterrents put in place by the casinos. A couple of key items from that synopsis:  MIT and shuttered. These were brilliant young adults and their efforts ultimately failed.

If someone is telling you they can beat the system, beware. The system makes the rules and can change those rules whenever it suits their needs. A quick way to lose the recruiting website SEO game is by doing things like keyword stuffing. The casino may decide to kick you out. Google can choose to no longer index your site. This means it will no longer appear as a result on their search engine.


Play the Game Right – Become a High Roller

With all this talk of chance and gambling, a reasonable question may be why should you even bother with recruiting website SEO. The answer is bifurcated. If you are going to try and beat the system or just give a halfhearted effort, don’t expect it to be worth your time. If you are going to engage properly, or utilize the services of a firm that understands organic SEO, the rewards can be phenomenal. Like career gamblers who enjoy the perks of free meals and comped rooms, the more diligent you are in properly tending to your site’s SEO, the more favorably search engines like Google look upon your digital presence.

Google won’t be putting you up in the penthouse because of your SEO success. However, they might see fit to index your site at or near the top of the front page. And in a Google-driven world, that’s about as close to high rolling as you can get.


Recruiters Websites has hit the books and put in the work to not only understand what works best in regards to SEO but to also learn how best to maximize the SEO efforts of recruiting and staffing organizations. We are professional gamblers who have developed methods, fostered the patience and maintained the honesty to know what works and how to make it happen. We also know what doesn’t work and don’t waste the resources of our clients engaging in recruiting website SEO practices that haven’t proven to produce results. In the end, recruiting website SEO is a game you have to play if you hope to succeed on the digital landscape, and if you’re going to play, it’s best to partner with a firm that knows how to win.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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