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Introducing Blueprints—faster, easier and affordable websites for recruiting firms

Blueprints recruiting website template options

Are you tired of struggling to stand out in today’s competitive recruiting industry? Do you need a professional recruiting website that showcases your own expertise and brand—but quickly and at an affordable price?  

Look no further than Blueprints, the new website template product from Recruiters Websites designed specifically for recruiting and staffing firms. 

Blueprints was created with professional recruiters in mind, addressing the growing demand for a user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective solution for search firms looking to establish or enhance their online presence. These customizable recruitment website templates allow you to create a unique and powerful online presence that caters to your specific brand, specialty, functionality and integration requirements. 

Each Blueprints website was built around the recruiting website best practices our team uses in our fully custom sites, from dedicated expertise pages to career portal pages compatible with multiple ATS platforms. Within your 10 unique pages are custom-written website copy, branding with your colors and personalized images, optimization for search engine visibility, a fully responsive mobile design, a built-in blog feature and a career portal page. With Blueprints, you'll have everything you need to elevate your digital presence and attract the right clients and talent. 

Having a professional website that sets you apart from the competition is critical for success in today’s market. Our Blueprints product is designed to provide recruiting firms with a turnkey solution that is easy to use, affordable and effective at attracting top talent and clients. 

With Blueprints, recruitment agencies can choose from five design options and customize their website to fit their unique brand and messaging. The career portal page is particularly helpful for companies looking to showcase their job opportunities and attract top talent for their employer clients. 

A Blueprints website is $4,995, compared to the custom website starting price of $9,995. If you are in the recruitment industry and looking for an affordable, user-friendly and customizable solution for your website needs, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the competition.

Don't let a lackluster website hold you back any longer. Click here to learn more about Blueprints and how we can help establish your digital presence. 

For those looking for even more functionality, size or customization from their websites, Recruiters Websites also offers custom website solutions. Our expert team of designers and developers works with clients to create tailored websites that fit their unique needs and requirements. From custom integrations to advanced analytics, our custom websites are designed to drive results and take your digital presence to the next level. 

Recruiters Websites has been providing custom websites, SEO and digital marketing solutions to the recruitment industry since 2012. The launch of Blueprints is the latest addition to our suite of offerings, and we are excited to continue helping recruitment agencies thrive in a competitive landscape. 

Emily Blattel

Emily brings more than 15 years of professional experience in public relations, advertising and marketing to Recruiters Websites, with a special emphasis on media relations, digital and social media strategy and implementation, content creation, internal communication, creative strategy and event planning.

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