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Being a recruiter can be stressful—especially if you’re the star of a one-person show—but joining one of the dozens of recruiting and staffing organizations can take away some of that tensity by connecting you to other people who understand your struggles. These networks can serve as a think tank to help you develop new skills and troubleshoot current issues. 

There are a number of state-wide, regional and national organizations specifically for recruiting and staffing professionals. See if any of them are in your area:


American Staffing Association: The most popular of staffing associations, ASA and its affiliates (or state chapters) are dedicated to giving a voice to the talent acquisition industry. Since 1966, ASA has been advocating for the industry while providing education, training and ethical standards for industry professionals and conducting research on trends. Visit their website to see if there is a local chapter near you. 

National Association of Executive Recruiters: This group of firms specialize in everything from horticulture to packaging. While this group has very specific requirements for entry (you must be a boutique firm that does contingency and retained searches), they ensure each member lives up to a high level of ethical standards so you know the recruiters you’re working with are the best of the best. 

National Association of Personnel Services: We mentioned the annual NAPS 360 conference in our Top 5 Recruiting Conferences of 2019 blog, but we had to mention them here too. This recruiting and staffing organization is centered around raising awareness of the importance of the personnel services industry. From state and national legislation, ethical education, training and other services, NAPS has been a major voice in the industry since 1961. By joining NAPS, you join over 800 organizations with the same passion for the industry as you have. 


There are many outstanding recruitment organizations throughout the nation and if you’re looking for a more local group of people you can connect with, one of these state organizations might be the one for you. 

Alabama: Alabama Staffing Association

California: California Recruiters and California Staffing Professionals

Colorado: Colorado Staffing Association, Inc.

Florida: Florida Staffing Association

Georgia: Georgia Staffing Association and Georgia Association of Personnel Services, Inc. 

Illinois: Illinois Search and Staffing Association 

Kansas and Missouri: Missouri and Kansas Search and Staffing Association 

Kentucky: Kentucky Staffing Association

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Staffing Association 

Minnesota: Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association and Minnesota Recruiters

New Jersey: New Jersey Staffing Alliance

New York: New York Staffing Association and New York City Recruitment Association

Ohio: Ohio Recruiters Association and Ohio Staffing and Search Association

Oregon: Oregon Recruiters

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Staffing Association

South Carolina: South Carolina Staffing Association

Tennessee: Tennessee Recruits Association

Texas: Texas Staffing Association 

Wisconsin: Recruiters of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Recruiters


Northern New England Association of Personnel Services: If you are in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, the NNEAPS is an organization that provides the staffing network you need to grow your connections and professional skills. This organization serves as a voice for recruiting and staffing firms in the region. 

Mid Atlantic Staffing Association: This organization serves recruiting and staffing professionals in the mid-Atlantic region with a special focus in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. These professionals take pride in the life-changing work they do and are dedicated to educating the public about the value of the personnel services industry.  

Rocky Mountain Association of Recruiters: This organization works with recruiters in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico with a mission of “building professional relationships and providing educational and networking opportunities that increase the professional success of our members.” By providing networking and training events, they provide a number of opportunities for recruiting and staffing agencies to collaborate. 

By joining a recruiting and staffing organization, you will gain access to resources, educational tools and networking opportunities you never had before. These organizations are dedicated to connecting professionals to one another and creating communities that advocate for the industry. 

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