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Make Your Website Work for You in 2018 – Recruiting Website Resolutions

make your website work for you

It may seem a little premature for New Year’s Resolutions, but growing your business is a resolution you should be making year round. Still, the end of the year is an especially applicable time to reflect on your past year’s successes as well as opportunities for improvements. One of the most important points we strive to make with everyone we speak with is the importance of having a website that is high functioning, modern and appropriately optimized. We regularly speak with recruiters who insist that their website (if they even have one) is relatively unimportant, doesn’t drive business and is only there because they felt like it was just something they were supposed to have. If this is a reflection of your attitude toward your website, it is probably time to think about your recruiting website resolutions for 2018.


What’s the opposite of productive?

One of the most important distinctions to recognize regarding a company website is that it is rarely a neutral entity. What’s that mean? If your website is not being productive it is counter-productive. If it doesn’t work for you, then it is working against you. Even if your website isn’t actively harming your business, the cost to maintain a domain and hosting for a stagnant site takes what should be an investment and turns it into a loss. Reflect on that last sentence. That is the best-case scenario for an unproductive website. In reality, if your website is unresponsive and outdated, it is very likely that potential clients and quality candidates are never even reaching out to you because your web presence reflects a lack of professionalism and presence.


The problem with inertia

One of the more astonishing rebuttals we encounter is, “I don’t need to grow my business.” The problem with this ideology is a perfect analogy for the problem with a stagnant website. Consider the words that are associated with stagnant:  inactive, dull stale or foul. Is this the perception you want for your business? Perhaps you have reached a point where growth seems unnecessary, but if you are not exercising your ability to grow how prepared will you be when the time comes that you need to expand? What if you lose your best client? By the time you react it may have been too late. With your business and with your website, you cannot afford to react. A proactive strategy that encourages growth is the best approach in terms of anticipating your businesses needs now and in the future.


Put your website to work

We haven’t forgotten the heart of this article. If you’re ready to take a new perspective on your website and your business, then let’s talk about how we can help your digital presence turn a new leaf in the new year.


  • Stay Relevant – A fresh and modern look can do more than just make you look good online; it can help keep your organization in the minds of your target audience, whether it be top-shelf clients or top-level talent.
  • Stay Accessible – With a responsive web design, your website will be optimized to look and function at its peak across all devices, whether it be desktops, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Stay Organized – Custom integrations allow us to improve the processes that allow you collect candidate information, post jobs and more.


At Recruiters Websites we want more than to just build you a new website. We want to show you why you should expect more from your web presence. We know how valuable a website can be to growing your business and increasing your placements, and we have the experience, both in web design and in recruiting, to put your website to work for you.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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