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5 Recruiting Website Services You’re Probably Missing or Misusing


If you’ve already realized the power your web presence can have on your ability to make placements, then you are miles ahead of many of your fellow recruiters. Presence alone is a powerful enough reason to tend to the customer-facing side of your website. But a properly designed website boasts a slew of recruiting website services that can exponentially enhance your staffing efforts. It reduces the grunt work that keeps you off the phone and away from clients and candidates.

Every staffing agency is different, and at Recruiters Websites we work diligently to understand and apply the unique intricacies that our clients need to maximize their digital ecosystem. However, we have comprised a list of 5 underused recruiting website services. Every agency can incorporate these to increase placements while decreasing time consumption.

  1. Applicant Tracking Systems

    Of all the recruiting website services, there is probably none that offers the ability to save you more time than a proper applicant tracking system. The time saved by collecting and correlating applicant information makes an ATS a valuable tool. Combine this with the streamlined manner in which it aggregates said information, and it is clear that not having and properly utilizing an ATS is a costly mistake.

  2. API Integrations

    We have implemented several integrations for clients, but none are more impactful than those designed to post jobs. Hosting your available jobs so that candidates can view your current opportunities is the primary value. Improving your site's Google ranking with continually refreshed content is an added benefit.

  3. Newsletters and Sign-ups

    Services allowing visitors to sign up for unique content are great for keeping the attention of clients and candidates. An intelligently designed web presence invites your audience to engage your recruiting website services. It does this without inundating them with content and material they do not want or need.

  4. Screening Tools

    We’ve already espoused the value of applicant tracking systems, but once you have that information, you still have to filter through everything to determine who meets your immediate needs, who might meet your future needs and who does not presently fit into your specialization. Screening tools are a great addition to your recruiting website services. A properly designed and implemented screening tool can help you quickly determine which potential candidates are most qualified. Once again, you are saving valuable time, opening up your opportunities to making more placements.

  5. Blogs

    Blogs have become to recruiting websites what the appendix is to the body. It most likely came with it, but no one really knows what it does or why it’s useful. Let’s be clear, your blog is NOT an appendix! Your blog is one of the most common recruiting website services that goes underused and underappreciated. In a market where clients are becoming increasingly concerned with their web presence in relation to SEO, jargon like long-tail keywords and meta data get thrown around a lot (and rightfully so), but the blog goes unappreciated. An active blog provides great content for newsletters (see #3), but perhaps most importantly, blogs are a great way keep your website’s content fresh and relevant, which helps your SEO ranking while growing your audience’s confidence in your brand and services.


There is an enormous arsenal of recruiting website services at your disposal. You just need a trusted partner that knows what services best match your firm’s needs and can provide them for you in a way that appears seamless and fluid. Recruiters Websites understands what recruiting website services have the most value because we come from a recruiting background. Engaging our services provides you access to our technical expertise in terms of website design and digital marketing. It also pairs you with a team that understands what recruiters need and what your clients and candidates want.

Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Recruiters Websites clients.

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