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Last year, we learned the importance of a digital presence. Never in modern history have we as a society had to solely rely on digital tools to continue our day-to-day lives safely and successfully. Now, COVID-19 numbers are down and most of us are returning to a sense of normality at work, but what does that mean for this digital world we grew accustomed to over the past 12+ months? 

Oh, that’s not going anywhere. Your digital presence as a recruiter is just as important now. 

Industries are changing. 

We mentioned in a previous article that 2021 is likely to bring industry changes for recruiters, opening up areas like cannabis and remote work services. Because of all these changes, it can be healthy to take a hard look at your current industries or niche and see where adjustments can be made. We’re not suggesting you completely change your focus and start over as a firm and as a recruiter; instead, do some research into what jobs in your expertise are not only growing but also being created as the world changes.

Something else to keep in mind is location. You may think of yourself and/or your firm as working a national market, but when you actually analyze where your clients are located, you are likely to find that you work predominantly in certain portions of the country. Expanding outwards is likely to yield different results, which will be needed to continue your 2021 adjustment.

Tools are different.

We’ve told you in the past about our top 10 ATSs, but there’s so much more to think about when we talk about your toolbox. Digital recruitment technology has been on the rise for years, but it’s more important than ever. Tools such as digital assessments, video-conferencing and online agreements are key in gathering valuable information on candidates while maintaining a clean and healthy environment for both parties.

Relationships were lost.

When we weren’t able to have those face-to-face meetings or working lunches with clients, relationships that shined brightly a couple of years ago may have dimmed a bit. You did nothing wrong; it was bound to happen when the whole world had to shut down and reset. But now it’s imperative that you mend those connections by staying active online. One way to do this is to make sure your LinkedIn personal and business pages are up to date. But more importantly, make sure your website stands out. 

It’s been shown in all sorts of reports that, when COVID hit, our time spent online skyrocketed. Numbers have come back down, but that online digital presence as a recruiter isn’t likely to fade away. People are still hitting search engines for jobs, they are searching social media for connections and they are looking for the next big opportunity. Whether you’re trying to fill a position or expanding your client base, your website should speak for you first. 

At Recruiters Websites, we know web design, but more importantly, we know recruiting. We understand the unique demands of the recruiting and staffing industry because we were recruiters too. Let us show you why your website is the most important tool you can have in 2021.

Samantha Prost

Sam Prost is a digital content writer with almost 10 years of experience who uses her upbeat and creative energy to write fresh, fun and custom content for our clients.

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