Best Recruiting Books For Your Summer Reading List

Books for recruiters

Whether you’re just starting out in the recruiting industry or you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn. If you’re looking for a new method of locating talent or a better way to use technology, you can always pick up a few tips and tricks from other successful recruiters. We’ve compiled a list…

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LinkedIn Reactions Explained for Recruiters

How to use LinkedIn Reactions to complement your recruitment efforts.

As recruiting and staffing professionals, you know the value of LinkedIn and how the platform makes it easier for you to connect with clients and candidates in the right industries and positions. Now, LinkedIn is making efforts to increase user engagement and improve digital connections—and this provides you with new communication opportunities. Why reactions on…

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Top 5 Recruiting Conferences of 2019

2019 Recruiting Conferences

As we near the middle of the year, it’s time to check in on New Year’s Resolutions (if you set them). Have you been going to the gym like you said you would? (I know I haven’t.) Have you been spending less time on social media? (I’ve been failing at this one too.) The good…

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What your staffing website needs to succeed

staffing website

We live in an age when how you appear online is everything. It’s almost guaranteed that, after you call a potential client, the first thing they do is a quick Google search on your staffing or recruiting firm. Every recruiter knows impressions matter and, today, your digital impression matters too. How your staffing website looks…

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Welcome Marybeth Niederkorn, copywriter/SEO specialist

Marybeth Niederkorn has joined Recruiters Websites as the lead copywriter and SEO specialist. In this role, she is responsible for website content creation, creative copywriting and search engine optimization for clients. “Marybeth’s background in journalism and her own personal creative writing will help expand our clients’ reach and contribute to the success of their websites…

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Marketing Styles to Maximize Recruitment Efforts: Social Media

By now you should have a better understanding of digital marketing—if not, you still have time to catch up. Content marketing falls under the digital marketing umbrella and we discussed how, when used effectively, content marketing and storytelling can impact the way readers interact with your brand. This week, we are focusing on social media…

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Marketing tactics to maximize recruiting efforts

If you’ve been in recruiting or staffing for any length of time, you’ve probably seen the industry change many times over. Just 25 years ago, your advertising options were set in stone: print, broadcast, direct mail, outdoor advertising and maybe even an event sponsorship or two. More than likely you didn’t have a website and—guess…

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How to turn an underdog candidate into a Cinderella story

Everyone loves a good underdog story (or Cinderella story, as it’s often called in basketball) and with the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament underway, you’ll be hearing a lot about those underdog teams that were an unlikely pick for the tournament and may not have much of a chance against higher ranked schools. Underdogs…

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