How to turn an underdog candidate into a Cinderella story

Everyone loves a good underdog story (or Cinderella story, as it’s often called in basketball) and with the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament underway, you’ll be hearing a lot about those underdog teams that were an unlikely pick for the tournament and may not have much of a chance against higher ranked schools. Underdogs…

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How to enjoy the madness of March

In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was advised “Beware the Ides of March.” Today, in 2019 A.D., we have come to advise you: beware the madness of March. While you probably (hopefully) don’t have to worry about (literally) being stabbed in the back 23 times by your closest friends, your March may be spent in just…

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2019 Recruiting Ideas Part 4: What to Watch for This Year

2019 recruiting ideas

If last year is any indication of what we can expect in terms of volatility, 2019 is ripe for disruption. The convergence of an increasingly competitive talent market and a thinning labor supply have already put companies on high alert. Evolving technologies, shifting government regulations and the maturation of the gig economy threaten to exacerbate…

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McKenzie Promoted to Web Manager

Recruiters Websites has named Matt McKenzie its web design and experience manager. In this role, he will lead the website project team, contributing insight, expertise and best practices to design, develop, manage and strategize clients’ optimal digital experience. “Matt has been with Recruiters Websites since the beginning,” says Jeff Gipson, founder. “He’s grown his skills…

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2019 Recruiting Ideas Part 3: Recruiting for New Roles

Recruiting New Roles

While it may seem clear that the world is rapidly changing, the exact effects on talent acquisition have yet to be pronounced. What is certain is that the roles and positions within companies will undergo dramatic changes. As the greater social landscape of business continues to evolve, disruption to corporate structure and hierarchy is expected…

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Recruiters Websites adds marketing division

Recruiters Websites has expanded its marketing services with the addition of Emily Blattel, marketing manager and Sarah Shanahan, social media coordinator. With this newly created division of the company, Recruiters Websites can go beyond website design and development and assist businesses with social media, digital advertising, branding, public relations, email automation, copywriting, SEO and strategy.…

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2019 Recruiting Ideas Part 2: Redefining the Diverse Workforce

recruiting diverse workforce

The benefits of a diverse workforce have long been touted and at this point should be almost redundant. This is not to suggest all issues related to diversity have been resolved, as there are still numerous companies that have failed to address issues of diversity pertaining to their workforce. But for the companies who have…

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2019 Recruiting Ideas Part 1: The Next Generation

2019 recruiting gen z

With the new year still fresh, Recruiters Websites has put together a 4-part series cleverly titled “2019 Recruiting Ideas” to help your organization prepare for what are poised to be some of the most impactful ideas and issues affecting recruiting this year. To keep with the idea of new and fresh, our first topic for…

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