With Your Website, Maintenance is Dominance

We’ve written consistently on the importance of comparing one’s website to a physical, brick-and-mortar construct. Whether it’s using IHOP to create an analogy about accessibility or outlining the architectural nature of a solid web presence, we have provided a fair amount of content urging readers to alter their perspective and consider how a website should…

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How to Prevent Social (Media) Awkwardness

Navigating the ever-shifting currents of social media can be exhausting for even the most experienced digital guru. With constant alterations and adjustments to each specific platform, the waters are only made murkier by the way each platform communicates with one another, as well as how they cooperate with various search engines and software services. Throw…

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What IHOP Understands About Accessibility

Recruiters Websites is located in a small college town. The posted population is just under 40,000; however, our local chamber of commerce reports that on any given weekday during the school year, there are as many as 100,000 people within city limits. While there is a vibrant downtown district and numerous parks and establishments throughout,…

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Luck Takes a Lot of Work

Here at Recruiters Websites, we’re suckers for a good quote. There is one from the Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger that has been tossed around for centuries but is a true gem even today:  Luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity. The genius behind this particular aphorism is that, while brief, it is comprehensive.…

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Property?

Digital Property

When discussing the value of property, it usually doesn’t take long before someone brings up the quote often attributed to Mark Twain:  “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” I’m a big fan of Mr. Clemens, and, in a lot of ways, this quote holds true. However, this quote was born from a time long…

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Get Loud with a Modern Recruiting Website

We were recently on the phone with a client who noted that things sounded a bit rambunctious here at Recruiters Websites. “Yeah, it gets a little loud sometimes. We used to be recruiters, you know” we joked. Then the client reminded us of something we hadn’t considered in a long time:  “A loud recruiter is…

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Betting on SEO: How to Win at Recruiting Website SEO

Here’s a bit of honesty you’re not likely to find from a digital marketing agency:  SEO is a game of chance. This is not to say there aren’t best practices to enhance your SEO efforts, because there absolutely are. In the end, Google is the focus of most SEO work. Google is the house, and…

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Better Recruiting Website Design Process. Better Recruiting Website.

It takes a great process to produce a great product. At Recruiters Websites, we are constantly refining our approach to not only improve the efficiency of our service but to also enhance the already robust digital ecosystems we help our clients create. Our unique approach to the recruiting website design process allows us to deliver an…

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