Marketing to Passive Candidates: Adding AI to Your Recruiting Tool Set

In the evolving landscape of recruitment and the growth of AI, marketing to passive candidates is emerging as a game-changer.

In a hiring market rife with talent shortages, marketing to passive candidates is crucial. With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting strategies, recruiters are now armed with an impressive tool to engage candidates who aren’t actively looking for a career change.  A passive candidate is a professional who isn’t actively seeking a new…

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10 Ways to Optimize Your Recruiting Website in 2023

Optimizing Your Recruiting Website for 2023

As we continue to forge a path through 2023, the recruitment landscape is constantly evolving. With more candidates searching for jobs online, it’s important for recruiters to optimize their websites to ensure it attracts and engages top talent. Here are 10 things recruiters can do to optimize their websites in 2023.  1. Mobile Optimization With…

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Optimizing YouTube Videos for Search

Optimize your YouTube Videos for search

Nothing stings more than pouring hours of work into creating a YouTube video for your recruiting firm only to see it flop with poor search rankings and low view numbers. Assuming you’re creating relevant and interesting content, there are a few tips out there for optimizing YouTube videos for search, and we’ve gathered eight of…

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Introducing Blueprints—faster, easier and affordable websites for recruiting firms

Blueprints recruiting website template options

Are you tired of struggling to stand out in today’s competitive recruiting industry? Do you need a professional recruiting website that showcases your own expertise and brand—but quickly and at an affordable price?   Look no further than Blueprints, the new website template product from Recruiters Websites designed specifically for recruiting and staffing firms.  Blueprints was…

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Recruitment Marketing Best Practices: One approach does not fit all. Common misconceptions.

Marketing Best Practices

Marketing best practices. It is a term we throw around a lot when we want to sound like an authority, expert, thought-leader, consultant or generally smart person.   And sure, in business and in life there are a few things you should always do: be honest, decent, kind and considerate—basic golden-rule stuff—but marketing is not…

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Downsides of AI in recruiting: A practical approach

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing technology that has transformed many industries, including recruitment. AI has been integrated into the recruitment process to assist HR teams in identifying and hiring the most qualified candidates. While the use of AI in recruiting has many benefits, including increased efficiency and reduced bias, there are potential cons…

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ChatGPT + Recruiting: Recruit smarter with AI

AI in Recruiting

Modern recruiters are continuously looking for new and creative ways to identify, assess, and secure the potential talent for the client companies they act as extensions of. With new and unprecedented access to machine learning and developing artificial intelligence products, these technologies are becoming an important part of the hiring process and have opened numerous…

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New LinkedIn Features Recruiters Should Definitely Know

new linkedin features

New LinkedIn features have officially rolled out! With its range of advanced tools for publishing and building community, LinkedIn Pages give recruiters and staffing firms the chance to communicate their purpose, values and offerings.  New LinkedIn Page features are always available to help organizations maximize their online presence. Learn how you can make the most…

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ChatGPT isn’t a marketing team

ChatGPT and other AI are great tools, but they can’t do everything, and they certainly aren’t a replacement for your firm’s internal or external marketing team.

Driven by the rise of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the recruiting world and beyond for the past few weeks—seriously, #ChatGPT has nearly 54,000 followers on LinkedIn. It’s understandable, too. With its ability to craft content with great efficiency, AI can be an amazing tool for your marketing.  However, I’m not…

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Put your recruiting content where it needs to be

Put your business-related content where it needs to be

Where do you consume your recruiting content? Maybe more importantly, where do your potential clients consume theirs?   We live on the edge of the digital information singularity, where our ability to consume all forms of media is only outstripped by our ability to produce so much content that we could never hope to get close…

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