A Logo Lookahead: Logo Design Trends for 2022

As we move into 2022, it’s important to know where logo design is heading and what it means for your recruiting firm. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to find out just that—here are the top logo design trends for 2022.

Branding is essential to every business. It is that all-encompassing necessity that shows your audience just who you are and what you do. It requires research, dedicated thought, consistency and, of course, a logo. No brand is complete without establishing a logo to use across all platforms and within all messaging.  As we move into…

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8 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

The reasons for a website redesign vary from one recruiting firm to the next, but the desire for higher conversion rates remain the same

The reality of having a website is that once enough time passes, you have to redesign that website. It doesn’t matter how much time or money you originally spent on your site, a redesign is inevitable. Design trends change, companies change hands, new lines of business become popular. The reasons for undertaking website redesign vary…

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Custom Means Custom: The Website of Your Dreams

You invested time, money and energy into making your business into something to be proud of. Make sure a custom website elevates it higher.

One of the first things, often the very first thing, a potential customer will do when they learn about your business is to search for it online. Where provided that you’ve done a good job with SEO, they’ll find your website.  There’s no second chance at a good first impression, so if the first thing…

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When Social Media Fails, a Website Prevails

When Facebook went down, were connections able to find you online? Having a website for your recruiting firm has never been more necessary.

On October 4, 2021, time stood still.  Well, not quite. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down, taking much of us with them. It was the longest outage since 2008, and it seemed like it was never going to end. But it did. And our lives went back to normal, filled with mindless scrolling and posting…

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Web Design vs Web Development: What’s the Difference?

Web design vs web development, what’s the difference? We break down these two positions because it's important to understand the difference.

Web design vs web development, what’s the difference? Both terms tend to become interchangeable when describing the website building process, but they are definitely not the same thing. While there are some firms, like ourselves, that have designers who can develop and developers who can design, that isn’t always the case, so it’s important to…

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The Importance of Complete, Effective Feedback

Without effective feedback, projects can get bogged down as people try to figure out what certain comments actually mean.

“What do you think of this?” “It’s good.” Ugh. What a frustrating answer. Maybe even the most frustrating answer. Other top contenders include: “It’s bad.” “I like it.” “I don’t like it.” “It’s fine.”  You get the gist. As a content creator, giving and receiving feedback is one of the most important parts of my…

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How to Create a Website Google Loves

Creating a recruiting firm website that Google loves takes a little bit of work, but the results are worth the effort.

What’s the point of having a website if Google doesn’t love it? After all, Google is consistently the number one search engine across the globe, and research shows that roughly 70 percent of all job hunts start with a Google search. Why shouldn’t your firm show up in the top results? Creating a website that…

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What are Recruiting Chatbots, and Should I Have One?

Recruiting chatbots assist recruiters by replicating many of the basic communication tasks recruiters are typically responsible for.

Ever since humans learned about the phrase ‘artificial intelligence,’ there’s been a fear that, eventually, these robots will take over everyone’s jobs. Though many industries have already adopted AI-backed automation, it is now creeping into the recruiting world. Recruiting is such a personal industry, how could this be? Like any tool, recruiting chatbots are meant…

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We’re Livin’ in a Digital World

Last year, we learned the importance of a digital presence. Never in modern history have we as a society had to solely rely on digital tools to continue our day-to-day lives safely and successfully. Now, COVID-19 numbers are down and most of us are returning to a sense of normality at work, but what does…

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