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Recruiters Websites and Haley Marketing

Recruiters Websites + Haley Marketing: What You Need to Know

We have some big news to share. A few weeks ago, Recruiters Websites merged with Haley Marketing. If this comes as a surprise, know it has been in progress for some time. We are excited about what this means for our team and especially our clients … and for what we are going to bring…

Choosing the right SEO keywords to be found online

How to choose the right SEO keywords

We’ve all heard the term “content is king,” and for a while that blanket statement rang true. Now, it might be a bit dated. As the internet has evolved, so, too, has the way we deliver digital content. Search engine optimized (SEO) content is king now—at least if you want it to be seen. Despite…

Recruiters need to grow their client base. Yes, even you.

One of the most astonishing responses we encounter when informing prospective clients of the importance of having and maintaining a high-functioning, well-designed website is, “I have plenty of clients. I don’t need new ones.” I believe you’d be hard-pressed to examine a successful business that stopped seeking to grow its base. Another diversion to the…

SourceWhale - Q&A with Time Hogwood - RW blog

Q&A with Tim Hogwood from SourceWhale

At Recruiters Websites, we always strive to remain on the cusp of the industry, understanding and staying ahead of trends, in order to provide our clients and those within the industry with news and insights. Recently, we sat down with Tim Hogwood, CEO and co-founder of SourceWhale, a recruitment engagement company based in the U.K.…

Ghosting - RW blog image

Who ya gonna call? Seriously, who? You’ve been ghosted.

We know we’re not the first to write about it, and we won’t be the last, but we need to talk about ghosting. The realities of recruiting are sometimes less than ideal. Candidates shouldn’t ghost you, but it does happen, especially in a market where professionals have such leverage.  But we’re not here to talk…

Five Elements of a Great Recruiting Website About Page blog

Five Elements of a Great Recruiting Website About Page

You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll say it again: a website is one of your best marketing tools. People may not always consider the about page very important, but it is vital for your recruiting website. Your whole website is dedicated to you, but your about page serves as a permanent place to…

long-term project

How to stay motivated during a long web design project

At Recruiters Websites, long-term projects are kind of our thing. From digital strategies to website design and development, we’ve seen it all. And like any long-term project, we know that staying motivated for its entirety is a beast.  Maintaining your motivation isn’t easy, but it is something that we’re familiar with. Here are our six…

Marketing and Advertising: You Need to Do It, marketing for recruitment agencies blog

Marketing and Advertising: You Need to Do It

You’ve worked incredibly hard for your firm. You’ve been there day and night, building it from the ground up. Maybe you just launched a new division, or maybe you’ve reached a placement goal. There’s plenty to be excited about. No matter the milestone, you may still be missing one key piece of the puzzle: you need…

What to Know About Copyright Law

What to Know About Copyright Law

Great content forms a connection. It bridges the gap between your firm and your clients and candidates. It has a specific purpose. Oh, and it’s also legal. Copyright infringement—don’t do it.  Copyright infringement is illegal. You won’t end up in jail, but you could end up with millions of dollars in fines and legal fees,…

r/recruitinghell: How recruiters can avoid becoming a horror story

r/recruitinghell: How recruiters can avoid becoming a horror story

Recruiters of the world, you’re facing a serious issue: you don’t really have the greatest reputation. And, no, it’s not in a cool, bad boy type of way.  It’s more of a “you don’t care about your candidates and you’re rude” type of way. Or maybe you’re lazy. Or just plain unbearable. Before you start…